Training & Placements

UIT has distinguished itself by achieving highest number of placements

Our placement department is working untiringly to identify best corporate for placements and match the skills of our students to suit their requirements. We can boast of having an impressive record of on-campus placements through the years.

The placement department looks after the placement and training activities on full time basis. The department is run by senior professionals and placement executives who have many years of experience in arranging placement and have links with the recruitment department of reputed companies. The placement team arranges summer internship programs and undertakes continuous evaluation of student performance levels, their aptitude and accordingly prepares them for placement in the companies.

The placement department plays a vital role in matching the academic excellence of our students with industry expectations. This department provides guidance, support and links with potential employers and the students are rigorously trained to put in their maximum effort in the campus interviews.

The placement department can boast of impressive placement record both in terms of percentage of registered students placed and the number of companies visiting the campus. The training given by the Training & Placement department is in keeping with the aspiration & needs of the Industry.

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